Upcoming Webinar: The Grandparenting Effect

Join author Trevecca Okholm as she shares about

The Grandparenting Effect and it’s implications for the Church and Intergenerational Connections

February 10th, 2021

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Whatever life gives you and wherever life takes you, there is always a story.  Life and relationships all begin and are sustained in the context of a story. This is not a how-to-do-it-right book as much as it is a book of stories–personal stories from the author, biblical stories, and stories of ordinary grandparents and grandchildren who have been willing to share their own stories with which you may be able to identify and be encouraged in your own adventures of grandparenting.

This is a book for everyone that either has biological grandchildren or has the potential to influence the lives of non-biological youth and children in the role of grandparenting. This is also a book for churches to consider while planning for ministry to bring generations together in meaningful interactions, and in doing so, to create space for generations to share their stories and share in God’s overarching Story of reconciling the world . . . one story at a time.