March 11th at 11am – Ringing the St Luke’s Bell for Climate Justice

Sacred People, Sacred Earth:  Please join us at 11am on  March 11 to ring the St Luke’s bells and say a prayer as part of a global multi-faith day of call to action and prayer regarding climate change.
All over the world people are standing together to say:
“We are united by a fundamental belief that all people, all living things, and the Earth are sacred.  As we consider the state of the world today, our hearts overflow with concern.  
We are frightened and frustrated by the damage that COVID-19 is inflicting on our communities. The pandemic has revealed cruel injustices. The vulnerable suffer the most severe impacts. We know about this injustice. We have seen it before.
These same communities are disproportionately and catastrophically affected by the accelerating climate emergency.
… A far better future is possible if our collective response to the pandemic and the climate crisis is guided by compassion, love and justice at a scale that meets this moment.”

In support of the statement and to draw attention to it, faith communities around the world are being asked to ‘sound the alarm’ for the climate and call for climate justice as we try to get our economies going in the wake of COVID.

Please join the biggest ever global faith-based Day of Action for the Climate. The theme of of the day is Sacred People, Sacred Earth.

Each place of worship, faith-based small group or household will choose its own way to do this: by ringing its bells, by sounding a note on the shofar, calling the Azan, by chanting and by meditating. Just as long as make a noise – or even some thunderous silence!  We each have our own traditions, but we will be united in one clear message.

After the Day of Action, GFI will call for  a “Year of Action” in the lead-up to COP26 which will be held in Glasgow in November 2021. 

We hope you can join us!

Michelle, for the Environment Action Team