About Us

St. Luke’s is a vibrant, “all age” outgoing community that is passionate about engaging with the wider community. We believe that personal (and group faith) development and outreach activities are the two sides of the one coin that is the Church of today. Worship is welcoming and reflects our missional mindset and is varied in its style to appeal to both young families and the more mature in age.

Our outreach activities include helping newly arrived immigrants settle into the Geelong area; a well attended Mens’ Shed, open to all; and an active environmental group that reflects our concern for the health of our planet. Please take the time to explore our website and get to know us bette

Vision and Mission

In 2018 we reviewed how we describe ourselves, and what we are about. We believe we are called to be servants, working with God in our community, so we have tried to use words that aren’t full of jargon!

We follow Christ, and create a safe place to share and grow together, drawing closer to God.

Our Vision is:

To be a community that grows Christians, knows Jesus and makes him known to others.

Our Core Values 

As members of St. Luke’s congregation we are identified by the following predictable behaviour patterns. We will hold each other accountable to them, in love. Together they become our Values statement above.

A. We live loyal to Christ, and all he taught.

(We follow Christ,…)

As a congregation of the Uniting Church in Australia, we have committed ourselves to be part the worldwide Christian church (the body of people), with Jesus Christ as our head and leader. We aim to learn from everything we know of and were taught by Jesus, through the Gospels and the Holy Bible generally.

B. Our community must be a safe place; welcoming and respecting diversity, living out Jesus command to love one another

(and create a safe place…)

Our community, and the Uniting Church in general, has committed itself to being a safe place for all of God’s creation, in particular God’s children. We recognise that God created a diverse world, and each of us is different. Our behaviour will be welcoming and respectful for all who seek God’s love and grace, and the well-being of one another. We will ensure that our community protects each other (and others who connect with us) from harm or abuse in any form.

C. God has given us many resources and talents; an investment that grows through sharing and use.

(to share and grow together…)

We have many blessings at St Luke’s – our people and their gifts/talents, the buildings and facilities, and money to meet our costs and be generous to others. We will be good stewards of these gifts of God, but our focus is to share these gifts because we know that in giving generously to others we receive more than we could imagine, and build treasure in heaven.

D. Each of us seeks to understand and connect with God more closely and deeply.

(… drawing closer to God)

We know that without God we are nothing. Our hope comes from God who, through the risen Jesus Christ, ushered in the Kingdom of God on earth. We want to walk closely with God, as true disciples of Jesus, listening and learning through the power of the Holy Spirit, until God’s kingdom comes in all its fullness and sin and death are no more.

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2021

Annual Report 2019-20

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A Brief History

St. Luke’s history dates back to 1853 when the first Wesleyan church services were held in homes in the small farming community of Highton. Read more..