Ministry Teams


Connections @ St. Luke’s

Leader: Pam Seller

Affirming that every person is valuable before God, this team is all about the oversight and proactive action associated with caring for people in Christ’s name.

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Mission & Outreach

Leader: Currently vacant, please contact Rev Tony Johnson

As a community church we aim to reach out to people at their point of need, striving to meet their needs and supporting them in their life journey. This team focuses on developing strategies and plans to do this, whether providing direct assistance, taking an advocacy role or promoting the examination/debate of community issues from a Christian perspective.

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Education and Worship

Leader: Barry Tattersall

Education: This team’s role is to provide, organize and promote educational experiences designed to encourage faith development within a unified adult education framework. Also to promote opportunities for leadership training, to expand, promote and oversee the church library, and to organize and publicise events with an educational focus.

Worship: The minister leads our worship team in partnership with our Ministry Team Leaders.

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Leader: Ian Pooley.

This team is responsible for the financial and legal administration of St. Luke’s and its staff, and for the maintenance and use of all of the church properties and equipment.

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Leader: Jean Daw

This team facilitates information dissemination to the congregation by means of the weekly news bulletin, notice board displays of St. Luke’s activities, website and by providing advice to other ministry teams and groups regarding event or function promotion.

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