St Luke’s Environment Action Group

Welcome to the St Luke’s Environment Action Group home page.

We are a group of members and friends of the St Luke’s congregation who have a particular passion for God’s Earth and our role in caring for creation.

The group meets every 4th Tuesday of the month at 4:30pm in the Fellowship Room at St Luke’s.  Our meetings include:

  • bible study from an eco-theology perspective
  • learning about current environmental issues and locally based responses to them
  • planning activities to educate the wider community and empower them to take action on environmental issues
    eg. Tree planting on National Tree Day, Litter Surveys on Earth Day, Clean up Australia Day.
    We also make recommendations to church council on ways St Luke’s can become more sustainable as a church.

You can check out some of our recent activities here:

For more information about Repair Cafe, visit the Facebook page.

Environment Action Group with Jessica Morthorpe, Director of 5 Leaf Eco Awards 18 Feb. 2018
Awarded 18th February 2018
Awarded 18 February 2018







If you would like to be involved or find out more, contact Claire Ziegler

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