Safe Church Training

Wednesday 2nd of June 2021 from 7-8pm on Zoom.  

For St Luke’s folk involved in leadership and pastoral care on behalf of the Church.  The session will be led by Rev. Paul Stephens, and includes recognising situations of abuse and what you should do if a vulnerable person discloses abuse to you.

Ensuring that our leaders complete Safe Church Training is part of the St Luke’s Statement of Commitment to Keeping Children Safe.

St Lukes Highton signed statement of Commitment

Contact the church office to register and receive the Zoom link

Messy Church Picnic – Sunday 31 Jan at 12:30pm

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Our Messy Church family and friends picnic (postponed from December) is to be held this weekend.

Where:  Drewan Park near the Wandana Heights Lookout (which used to be known as the Ceres Lookout), just up the hill from St Luke’s church.  

When: 12:30pm on Sunday 31 January 2021

What to bring: Everything  for a picnic (food, drink, tables, chair, rugs, kid’s games…)


Who can come: Young and older – you just need to come with an open heart to have fun and be inspired.

NOTE: COVID SAFE REQUIREMENTS APPLY … PLEASE PLAN TO PHYSICALLY DISTANCE, AND WEAR MASKS WHEN THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE.  If you are feeling unwell, let us know and we’ll be thinking of you, but please don’t come – see your doctor or get tested if you have COVID symptoms.




Worship – Sunday 24 January – Day of Mourning – Aboriginal Sunday

The Sunday Service at St Luke’s Highton will be at 10am and we hope to Livestream to our Youtube channel
This is the Sunday (before Australia Day) where we join with our sister churches in a Day of Mourning to reflect on how God is calling us to respond to the ongoing challenges faced by our First Australians – the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
We’ll be using the Uniting Church Assembly resources, with more from Common Grace who have provided resources to churches and faith groups around Australia to share in Aboriginal Sunday.
The Preamble to the Constition of the UCA helps set our approach to relationships between First and Second Australians.
There is also a prayer service of reconciliation on Monday night (25th Jan) at 7:30pm – Victorian time – led by Aunty Jean Phillips – see  Some of us may gather at St Luke’s to participate.

Worship Online Sunday 15th November: Count your blessings…

Hello friends,

Welcome to our online worship service.  Last week we looked at the parable of the wise and foolish bridesmaids … one of the three parables towards the end of Matthew’s Gospel which share a theme of “faithful waiting.”

This week we explore another of these parables … the parable of the talents …

The parable of the Three Servants – Matthew 25:14-30

Here is this week’s service

Thanks to Claire for helping out with the reading and prayers this week.

Sisters and brothers, don’t hold things too tight … don’t bury your life … risk living joyfully as people blessed with the grace of God … sharing good news in all your living … in word and deed!

Adnythamathanha woman Rhanee Tsetsakos spoke about her journey with Dr Deidre Palmer on the Called by God webinar in October 2020.

Dismissal and Blessing 

Thank you, Lord,
for all the gifts you have entrusted to us.

Help us to always remember
that all we have comes from you
and can be joyfully used for your good purposes.
In the name of Christ,

Worship Online Sunday 18th October 2020: God and the Pandemic – Groaning and Serving

Welcome to this Sunday’s worship time, presented today by Lloyd Walker, Sue Anderson, Barry Tattersall, Jenny Patchett and Val MacKenzie!

As we continue to explore Tom Wright’s book – God and the Pandemic, we’ll look at the writings of the New Testament – the early church. Our theme is “Groaning and Serving”

For music listening this morning, Lloyd recommends

The Servant King (By Graham Kendrick

And here’s the latest video from UnitingWorld reminding you about ways you can give gifts that truly change people’s lives this Christmas:

If you enjoyed the music featured in today’s video, take a look at the musicians behind it here:

The Neon Effect – The Dark Room Fiddler

Check out our video! 🙂 #aussiemusic The Neon Effect play their arrangement of the Dark Room Fiddler, a march by Kate BurkeMichelle Burton – harp // Catie Martin cello // Jessica Foot – Jonathan Burton www.jburtonfilm.comCinematographer – Tim MortonSound Production – Mischa Herman

Posted by The Neon Effect on Saturday, 9 December 2017


Go from this time:

  • Not to understand all the challenges of the world – instead trust God with those cares.
  • To pray without ceasing – groaning with the Spirit when the words are beyond you!
  • To live our your calling as children/heirs of God, followers of the Servant King Jesus, and engage the world as Jesus did, with love, compassion and words of hope and transformation.


And the empowering grace of Christ Jesus,

the overflowing love of God,

and the embrace of the Spirit,

rest with you now and always,



Worship online – Sunday 4 October 2020

Paul continues to explore Tom Wright’s book “God and the Pandemic: A Christian reflection on the Coronavirus and its aftermath” this week.  Today we reflect on the question of lament. When the Israelites were exiled to Babylon they wrote down much of the Old Testament we have now (previously it was an oral history). The readings from Lamentations and Job offer insight on how God’s people are called to respond in such challenging times.

You can find more on Tom Wright’s book and where to get a copy by this link.

Led by: Rev. Paul Stephens – with thanks to Lynne Rankin from Belmont for the readings and Colleen Lawrence for our prayers.

There is a reflective post and piece of music recently composed by Rev David McGregor from Brisbane.


And finish with a new song of confidence composed by Leigh Newton and Craig Mitchell – based on Ezekiel.