Lenten Reflection Opportunities

In all of the change that happens around us, one of the constant aspects of our faith journey at St Luke’s is the annual cycle of the liturgical calendar, marking the seasons of Jesus’ journey on earth.

Tomorrow we commence the period of Lent – 40 days of reflection and sacrifice as we imagine the time spent by Jesus in the desert, grappling with fears and temptations.

If you are looking for some resources to use as part of your devotional time during Lent, here are some suggestions:

Common Grace

Every year at Easter, Common Grace brings a Lent series based on the central teachings of Jesus. In 2021 they’ve put together a compilation series from Christian teachers, who show us what it looks like when justice overflows from following Jesus.

To sign up to their weekly Lenten emails, click here.

Uniting World’s Lent Event

UnitingWorld is the part of the Uniting Church with the privilege of nurturing relationships with our global church family, and we love the season of Lent! Through Lent Event, we provide a Bible Study series to help you think through what it means to be a global neighbour, and encourage you to take action with a 40-day challenge to give or take up something that helps make the world a better place. With stories that show how your prayers and gifts are building hope and ending poverty around the world, we aim to cultivate generosity, compassion and awareness of others.

If you’re ready to take a new look at Lent, go for a deep dive online to find resources, and check out www.lentevent.com.au for simple ways to get involved.


Upcoming Webinar: The Grandparenting Effect

Join author Trevecca Okholm as she shares about

The Grandparenting Effect and it’s implications for the Church and Intergenerational Connections

February 10th, 2021

Find out more here




Whatever life gives you and wherever life takes you, there is always a story.  Life and relationships all begin and are sustained in the context of a story. This is not a how-to-do-it-right book as much as it is a book of stories–personal stories from the author, biblical stories, and stories of ordinary grandparents and grandchildren who have been willing to share their own stories with which you may be able to identify and be encouraged in your own adventures of grandparenting.

This is a book for everyone that either has biological grandchildren or has the potential to influence the lives of non-biological youth and children in the role of grandparenting. This is also a book for churches to consider while planning for ministry to bring generations together in meaningful interactions, and in doing so, to create space for generations to share their stories and share in God’s overarching Story of reconciling the world . . . one story at a time.



Messy Church Picnic – Sunday 31 Jan at 12:30pm

Messy Church logo






Our Messy Church family and friends picnic (postponed from December) is to be held this weekend.

Where:  Drewan Park near the Wandana Heights Lookout (which used to be known as the Ceres Lookout), just up the hill from St Luke’s church.  

When: 12:30pm on Sunday 31 January 2021

What to bring: Everything  for a picnic (food, drink, tables, chair, rugs, kid’s games…)


Who can come: Young and older – you just need to come with an open heart to have fun and be inspired.

NOTE: COVID SAFE REQUIREMENTS APPLY … PLEASE PLAN TO PHYSICALLY DISTANCE, AND WEAR MASKS WHEN THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE.  If you are feeling unwell, let us know and we’ll be thinking of you, but please don’t come – see your doctor or get tested if you have COVID symptoms.




Worship – Sunday 24 January – Day of Mourning – Aboriginal Sunday

The Sunday Service at St Luke’s Highton will be at 10am and we hope to Livestream to our Youtube channel
This is the Sunday (before Australia Day) where we join with our sister churches in a Day of Mourning to reflect on how God is calling us to respond to the ongoing challenges faced by our First Australians – the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
We’ll be using the Uniting Church Assembly resources, with more from Common Grace who have provided resources to churches and faith groups around Australia to share in Aboriginal Sunday.
The Preamble to the Constition of the UCA helps set our approach to relationships between First and Second Australians.
There is also a prayer service of reconciliation on Monday night (25th Jan) at 7:30pm – Victorian time – led by Aunty Jean Phillips – see www.commongrace.org.au/tunein  Some of us may gather at St Luke’s to participate.

Time for remembering

The annual Time for Remembering ceremony invites people to come together to commemorate loved ones lost and injured on our roads, give thanks for those who survived, and pay tribute to all who work tirelessly to reduce the road toll.

This year the 20th annual ceremony will be held via Zoom on November 15 from 12pm-1.30pm.

Register here:



Messy Church Friday September 18th 2020

Hi Messy Church Friends!

Our next Messy Church Zoom will be 4:30pm Friday 18th September – put it on the calendar!

We will be talking about “How Precious and Special we are to God!”

Some fun things are happening during our actual Messy Church Zoom Meeting- including craft, music and catching up and seeing all our friends!

Some things to have ready for our Activity Time

  • Think about something that is Special to you (adults too), and bring it to our Zoom time so we can share your special treasure. It might be a toy, or a special rock, just something that means a lot to you.
  • Print out the two attachments to this Invitation- one is a word search and one is a colouring puzzle page- so have some colouring pencils and pens ready too.
  • Your singing dancing selves for some fun games and music.

Word Search

Colouring Puzzle Page

Thinking Spot

When we think of God’s Precious people in the world right now, and we know many are struggling in the strange challenging place due to the  pandemic or life experiences. But we often feel- what can we do? Some organisations that do help: Uniting World, Save the Children, UNICEF or World Vision.

Maybe a suggestion might be to make it a family project to find ways, through these organisations, that you can help to show that others are precious too.

We miss you, we hope you’re well and safe, and we look forward to seeing you again on Friday September 18th  at 4:30pm.

Love from St Luke’s Messy Church: Barbara, Shaghek, Paul, Judy, Jean and Robyn

PS have you read this book before?  We have a copy in the St Luke’s Library!

StLukes’s bookshelf: read

You Are Special
it was amazing
A timeless story, filled with the assurance of God’s love and offering insight into the ways in which we become anxious about our place and value in the world.