October News Sheet

Thanks to Mike Currie and a number of contributors, please find this month’s news sheet on the link below.  Rev. Paul Stephens shares some great insights on St Luke the evangelist (and healer) after who our congregation is named.

News sheet Oct 2021 (pdf)

Remember to send your stories and news for next month to Mike at news@stlukesuca.org.au by 27 October.

Using the new Services app to organise helpers for church activities

A new way of organising

A big part of any church ministry is organising the people needed to make activities happen.  This includes Sunday services, Messy Church, working bees, Sewing groups, playgroups, funerals, online services and much more.

This year St Luke’s is using the Services app to roster our people for activities.  Some of you have started logging in to the app and using it’s features, others are still finding their way – it’s great that you are prepared to try new things!

Everyone who is added to a team receives a “Welcome to Planning Center” email which introduces them to the new platform.  You can access the app from both your phone and a web browser on your computer.

Here’s a short video guide on how to use the app on a phone or tablet:

And here’s a guide for those accessing Services from their computer:

If you prefer to read about it, you can look up instructions here:


The rosters are automatically scheduled each month based on the availability you have indicated.  Prior to generating the roster, I will send an email asking you to block out dates that you are unavailable.  Once the roster is generated, you will receive an email asking you to confirm the times that you have been scheduled for.  You can also sign up for any spots where people are still needed.

It is important that you respond to these emails ASAP in case changes are needed.

I will aim to have a copy of the Sunday morning roster on the noticeboard at church and on the Members area of the website.   Unless you are a team leader, you can only see your own schedule on the app.

Eventually the aim is for each team to have a leader who will look after the scheduling for their team, so that this work is shared out.

Thanks to everyone who is already part of a team for all you do to help us come together in community to worship and serve God through this ministry.  If you have any questions about the app, please let Robyn know and she will do her best to answer (but do look up the support pages first!).

Blessings and Gratitude!


St Luke’s Highton Annual Meeting 2021

St Luke’s Congregational Annual General Meeting will be held at the  conclusion of the Service on Sunday 6 June 2021.

Business will include reports from the Church Council and presentation of St Luke’s budget for 2021.

Kevin McAvaney, Congregational Chairperson

Works to repair Portico to begin Friday 5th of March


Works are underway to replace the ceiling of the Driveway Portico at St Luke’s.  

This may affect access to the front door of the building.  If the front door is fenced off, entry to the building will be either from the Courtyard at the rear of the building, or from the Eastern Foyer door – accessible through the Green fence gate to the left of the front of the building.
The plan for the works is as follows:
  • Friday 5th March – Electrician to remove existing lights
  • Tuesday 9th March – Install temporary barricade and remove existing asbestos ceiling and battens
  • Wednesday 10th March – Start installation of new ceiling
  • Monday 22nd March – Painter to start prep and painting ceiling
  • Thursday 25th March – Electrician to refit lights
  • Friday 26th March – Handover completed works 

Please call the office 52442997 if you have any further queries about the works.

Synod Meeting begins

The Synod of Victoria and Tasmania meets approximately every 18 months to hear reports, discern proposals, and discuss matters that concern the general oversight, direction and administration of the life of the Church. 

Originally scheduled for November 2020, due to the impacts of COVID-19 it was decided that the Synod meeting be deferred until February 2021 and to be held as a virtual (online) meeting from February 26-February 28.

Rather than a challenge, the Synod Business Committee invites the Church to see the opportunities which this new way of meeting presents.

Synod 2021 is an opportunity to gather together the breadth of today’s Church.

The entire meeting, excluding any member-only sessions, will be broadcast live for members of the wider church.  

Watch live broadcast of sessions here

Please note that people watching the live broadcast sessions are not able to ask questions of, or interact with, the Synod meeting.

The first session begins at 1.45pm on Friday February 26 with the final session finishing at 3.15pm on Sunday February 28.  

Visit the Synod website for more information here.