November Messy Church this Friday on Zoom – God’s Promise to us

Hi Messy Church Family!

Our next Messy Church Zoom will be 4:30pm Friday 20th November- put it on the calendar! Our theme will be “God’s Promise to his People” as told in the story of Noah’s Ark. Think Rainbows and Animals!

Some fun things are happening during our actual Messy Church Zoom and you need to get a few things together before our fun time.

Before the meeting have ready:

*Lego- we are going to be building an ark to hold the animals or maybe make an ark out of an old box and make lego/crafty animals to fit inside.

*Some textas, crayons or pencils to colour a big rainbow to stick in our windows to remind us of God’s promise

*Have a look around the house/laundry basket for items that are either Red/ Orange/Yellow/Green/Blue/Purple/Pink we can use in prayer time.

*if you have a bright /tie died/rainbow coloured shirt- lets wear them when we meet up on the night! Our Zoom will be bursting with colourful people all gathered together to praise God- how wonderful.

We miss you, we hope you’re well and safe, and we look forward to seeing you again on November 20th.

Love from St Luke’s Messy Church Team- Paul, Shaghek, Barbara, Jean, Judy and Robyn